Dylan Ferguson lends a hand to the lonely

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1. What traits do you feel are important to possess in order to be successful in life?
You have to always be willing to listen to your peers as from what I have learned through out life, I learn the most from my friends. Also that you should always make the best out of every situation. Life can take some pretty crazy turns (trust me I know) and it is important to take a positive out of every negative.

2. What are your top 3 favorite mountains to ski that everyone needs to experience before they die?
I ski Park City Mountain Resort, UT as much as possible. It has terrain for every type of skier and it always a good time up at the top of Jupiter Peak.Jackson Hole WY, I went there this season for the first time. They have some extremely difficult terrain and the Tram ride is sure to give you some laughs.Waterville Valley, NH. This is where I grew up skiing. Although it may be a small mountain on the east coast it definitely has some fun runs. I think it is important to know that it is not the size of the mountain that tells you how great it is, but rather the amount of fun you can have on the mountain with your friends.

3. For the beginners out there, how do you fight the fear of injury or falling when competing?
No one ever wants to fall or get injured but that is part of the sport. Sometimes it take a crash to realize how strong and confident you are the net time you get back up to try that trick or move again. Learning from your mistakes is always a good way to do things too.

4. For the inexperienced, how do you ask someone out on a date?
HAHA. As I was a young man I was for sure very shy and not much of a ladies man. But as you grow older you realize the strong person you have become and it is important to be confident in yourself no matter what. There is always the cheesy way to ask a girl out on a date but as long as you stay true to your roots and don’t pretend to be something you’re not than someone out there will go for the REAL you. A home cooked meal sitting by the campfire is a place I might start. It is the small things in life that really matter.