Wise Words from Daniel Wedemeijer

We at ClapwayTV like to ask our celebrity athletes to provide our audience with some tips and guidance. It’s always interesting to see how their opinions differ from other athletes that are in similar positions.

1. Every BMX rider will fall at some point in his or her career. For the beginners out there, how do you conquer the fear of injury?
It’s something you have to deal with everyday again. During injuries life can suck really hard but the moment you get back on riding you will forget about that. Never give up on injuries.

2. Many children have aspirations of becoming a pro BMX rider although it is a tough road to travel. What advice do you have for those that want to ride competitively?
I never started riding BMX to be a Pro rider. I started because I wanted a BMX bike. Having fun everyday on and of my bike with my friends is what me brought to this point. Just have fun and believe in yourself.

3. For our readers, what are three traits they should possess in order to be successful in life?
Strong personality, Thankful, Respect.

4. What park do you recommend all BMX riders experience at some point in their lives?
That must be 040 BMX Park in Eindhoven the Netherlands. It’s my local park go check it out I know you will like it!

Wise words from a man who’s experienced a lot. I take Daniel’s opinion to heart because it’s not easy to make a career out of an extreme sport such as BMX. It takes hard work and the intense drive to succeed for there is a lot of competition and risk involved, yet he pushes onward.