Florida Beach Tragedy Cuts At Family Deep

A tragic event strikes down in Florida. A small plane adventure can be quite the thrill, but what goes up must come down, and sometimes it comes down when you don’t want it too. A stroll on the beach can be a nice adventure as well, and it’s usually a lot less dangerous than flying in a plane. However, in life, you never know what’s next, and sometimes the unfortunate and the shocking surface from the mud of our fears and nightmares. No adventure should end this way, a plane has crashed down on a beach in Florida, killing one man, injuring his daughter, and giving his wife a heart attack.

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So much can go wrong when you’re in the air. Between out of tune instruments, running out of fuel, power failure, and a litany of other problems, there’s a lot of opportunity for an emergency to strike. I’ve watched enough Air Crash Investigation to know that while every possible precaution is taken to ensure the safety and success of a flight, sometimes there comes along a curveball. Plane crashes happen all around the world, but most only implicate those inside the plane. But sometimes a plane crashes or emergency lands on land instead of water, and sometimes when they do that, the land isn’t clear of pedestrians.

In this case, the Irizarry family were victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The pilot and his co-pilot of the small plane were not injured. It is a shame and a true tragedy that this one family is to bear the weight of this disaster alone. Let there be a little solace in knowing that the damage could have been worse, and those who have survived this should use it as a calling to live their life as well as is possible for them, and not as a wound to cry over and pick at so as to never let it heal.

Life is full of adventure for it is full of change. Sometimes it changes for the better, sometimes for the worst. We must cope with the worst by seeking the better.

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