Chris Logan Will Pow The Way He Wants To

Chris Logan may be out of the running, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped running Here’s what the professional skier has to say about moving from the competition to the camera.

1. Can you explain how you got the nickname Dahrkness?
The name Dahrkness came from a buddy of mine, Kevin Malone, when I first moved out to Mammoth Lakes, CA in 08’. It had to do with my difference in skin tone, and personality from my older brother Sean who is much lighter in color and a little bit more reserved than myself.

2. Will “The Big Picture” series return this season?
The Big Picture will most definitely be returning this season and hopefully for many more years to come. We are working on season 2 proposals for sponsors as we speak. We are also trying to continue to build our audience through premieres such as IF3 and the High five festival, as well as some freeskier magazine love coming this fall.

3. Do you have any aspirations of competing in the Olympics? Or is that not really for you?
My competition years are behind me. I had competed in Dew Tour a couple of seasons and did X games one year, but filming and backcountry skiing is where my heart is at and where I have the most fun. I leave the Olympic stuff up to my younger sister, Devin, who took home silver metal this year in women’s slopestyle.

4. It seems that you’re more of a free spirit when it comes to skiing, focusing more on the film aspect than the competitions, why is that?
Film skiing lets you go do what you want to do. Nobody is judging you and giving you a score for what you do. There is no pressure what so ever and you get as many tries as you want to get something perfect and the way you want it. I just have a lot more fun being out in the mountains with homies, skiing deep powder, and snowmobiling.

5. What’s next for Chris Logan?
More Big Picture stuff. Just trying to one up and better what I did last year. Hopefully a cat skiing and/or heli trip this winter. Exploring new places and shredding new zones.  Just chasing pow.

6. What goes through your mind when you’re catching air off a jump?
It’s the best feeling in the world. Time slows down and your just floating through the air trying to get a trick perfect and land back on your feet.

7. What do you see here?

Two crazy looking creatures face to face with their mouths open and claws touching or crossed.

8. Would you rather have lunch with Jack Nicholson or have Morgan Freeman read you a bedtime story?
Morgan Freeman. He’s been one of my favorites ever since Shawshank.

9. How do you define the word Adventure?
Exploring new places and trying new things. My everyday life.

10. Favorite trick to land? Toughest trick to land?
Rodeo 7 [Rodeo 720]. Anything switch in pow.

11. Why do you think horoscopes are eerily accurate?
Not a clue.

Thank you for your time Chris. My initial response to the inkblot was the face of a giraffe, but I can see the two beasts fighting now that you mention it. Keep it weird and frosty.

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