You Have To Be Foxing With Me? A Pet Fox!

All domesticated animals were once wild, but they at some point traded in a life of adventure for a life of human companionship. Don’t get me wrong, some pets are very active, still seeking adventure wherever they can find it, and some owners encourage this. Of course, the kind of adventure some owners encourage isn’t exactly the same as what the animals once sought back when they were wild.

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Time of the Hill

People can be pretty weird when it comes to their pets. Between people having pets that look exactly like them (and related to this, people who dress up their pets) to training a pet to perform a service like drug sniffing dogs or parrots for store greeters, the range of what we do with pets is very broad. The latest trend in the pet world just made that range a little broader, pet foxes.

It’s an amazing feat to introduce a new domesticated animal to the world. Unlike someone having an exotic pet like a tiger or monkey, these foxes are domesticated, which means they are genetically conditioned to like humans from birth the same way dogs are a variation of wolves that are genetically conditioned to like us.

These foxes will behave much like a dog. They can be trained to do popular dog tricks like sit and fetch. They’ll run around the backyard when they’re feeling spry and snuggle up on your lap when they’re calm and sleepy. And they love to dig.

The domestication of foxes is very recent, only having been started in the last 50 or so years. There aren’t that many of the adorable little furballs yet, so if you want to hop on this latest pet trend, you’re going to have to adventure into your money reserves. Somewhere just shy of $10,000. I’m sure that sometime in the near future the price will come down astronomically, but as of right now there’s little supply (these guys are only being domesticated in Siberia as of now) with a high enough of a demand to justify the price. I know that as soon as these guys become affordable, I’m getting me a fox. However, it’s not something I take lightly. Having a pet fox is a lot of work and responsibility.


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