Erik Roner Blames His Tramp Stamp on Naiveté

Erik Roner dives off of cliffs for a living…

And he does so on his own accord. The pro-skier and avid BASE jumper has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. His love for all things extreme has landed him various roles in action sports shows and movies, including a spot on Travis Pastranas action sports collective, Nitro Circus. You can now find him traveling the world, performing wild stunts to crowd of screaming fans. Most likely, he’ll be carrying a pair of skis (or roller skis!) and a parachute.

1. What was it like being raised in an “outdoor playground”?
My mother was an outdoor advocate and always had us outside which made me appreciate the outdoor world at any early age. I try to spend most my time outside; there’s so much to explore and experience in our world.

2. At BYU, you played soccer for a period of time. Why did your passion for skiing override your passion for soccer?
I came from a soccer family and played most of my life…my younger brother had a career in the MLS. I started skiing at a young age and always loved the freedom it provided more than anything. Once I started playing soccer in college I was pretty burnt out. Some of the best skiing in the world was right outside my back door and once I found out you could make a living skiing, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

3. You also graduated with a degree in graphic design. What’s the deal with that?
My father had a small advertising agency growing up and I was always around creativity. I enjoy designing stuff and Graphic Design definitely kept me alive during some of those ski-bumming years.

4. You helped pioneer the sport of ski BASE jumping. Can you describe the experience of BASE Jumping to someone who’s too chicken to do it?
Shane McConkey took my friend and I out to a spot where he wanted to make a ski BASE jump. We were all BASE jumpers and professional skiers …my friend and I helped Shane make his first ski BASE jump and then we followed in pursuit. Over the next years, we searched the globe for ski lines that ended in a large cliff or an ice serac so we could ski down the “unskiable” line and launch off a cliff with a parachute. I’ve done countless first descent ski BASE jumps all over the world and now there’s a lot of ski BASE jumpers out there.

5. How did it feel when 2005 Motocross legend, Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew, contacted you to help BASE jump dirt bikes into the Grand Canyon?
Obviously pretty excited…I had never been on a dirt bike before and what an experience it was. That was my introduction to my Nitro Circus family.

6. What do you think about when you’re BASE jumping?
BASE jumping requires complete focus…there is a lot of mental and physical training that’s involved. I do lots of visualization beforehand to prepare for malfunctions or any problems. Once I step or jump into the air, I am completely involved in the moment. Nothing else matters. It’s one of the best and most freeing feelings in the world.

7. What’s in store for you in the future?
I have a lot of projects and TV shows on the horizon. I’m constantly trying to come up with new ideas that sound fun or haven’t been done before. Nitro Circus has us on a crazy schedule traveling around the world, performing live shows. The 2015 schedule is going to be hectic, but really fun!

8. So…about that tattoo?
Ya…well…I can chalk it up to naiveté. It’s a good reminder to laugh at myself.

Ink Blot
9. Whoa it’s a _______________.
Some kind of skull found in the desert

10. Scenario: You’re on a blind date at a restaurant. You have no idea who your date is until you look up and in walks ___________.
My wife

A skull? I’m sorry Erik, but the correct answer to #9 is obviously a pray mantis head. But good guess.

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