Be the Belle of the Ball with Cool New Bourbon Barrel Skateboard

An adventure on a longboard and skateboard is as much about mobility as it is about style. Sure you want to get where you’re going, but it’s how you do it where the adventure becomes fun. This can mean going fast, catching big air, landing tricks, or even dancing. The culture and style of board riding is also as much about the gear as it is the adventure you have with it. I remember as a kid going to this skateshop, Underground, and looking at all of the sweet graphics on the boards. For me, that was the epitome of art. Today, the trend of board style seems to be moving into a more conservative direction, with a large focus on simple but beautiful wood. Hepcat has pushed this latest trend even further with their Bourbon Barrel Skateboard.

There’s something aesthetically pleasing about these skateboards. The wood is unlike any people are accustomed to seeing. Only time and delicious whiskey could make a board so unique and simple but eloquent. The people at Hepcats know they’re pushing out something special, only choosing planks that have the bunghole (no joke, that’s what they call the hole in a barrel where the cork usually goes, the bung) because what you’re buying is a skateboard made from a bourbon barrel, and that’s plain cool, so you should wear it proud. It’s also because, as they point out, it makes for a convenient handle grip.

What makes the skateboard so unique and cool looking is also makes it a bit intimidating, the curve. Most of us are used to our boards being more or less flat and level, sure they may have some good flex to them and they may curve at the edges a smidge for extra grip, but none of them curve like the Bourbon Barrel Board does. However, this curve is a secret advantage, giving the rider good enough grip and balance to forego grip tape and keep that beautiful wood exposed.

If it wasn’t enough for Hepcat to be pushing the skateboard style trend, they’re also completely invested in the go green trend as well. It’s the responsibility of humans around the world to protect the Earth so generations to come can enjoy adventure the same way we have. It’s the objective of Hepcat to use recycled and repurposed materials to create stylish products.

Today, their making skateboards, but who knows what they’ll make next. If you want one of these boards or if you just like what they’re doing, you can support Hepcat with their kickstarter.