Optimize Your Ability to Run with runScribe

Running is an adventure that is more dangerous than it seems on paper. It doesn’t matter where you run around the world, be it on a smooth track or a dirt path, it’s very possible to have your running adventure cut short from an injury. That’s why it’s important to use the best gear available to have your adventure be safe, and optimize your performance. Introducing the latest in the running gear trend, runScribe.

It’s function is in it’s name, runScribe describes your run. It is a device that you attach to your sneaker, and it uses a 9-axis sensor to create a 3D view of all you runs. It then compounds this data so you can review your run and be more properly informed on what your body is trying to tell you but your mind ignores from a mixture of exhaustion and runner’s high. This is no simple pacemaker; this is an intelligent device that monitors 13 separate kinematic metrics (such as number of steps, swing excursion, stance excursion, contact time, and maximum pronation velocity).

Every person is different, so likewise every runner is different. You can use runScribe to figure out which running shoe works best for you, or if where your running isn’t putting too much strain on your body.

All you have to do to get runScribe to work for you is clip it to the back of your shoe. It stores all of the data it collects in its flash memory and then uploads that data to your phone via Bluetooth. You can then see that data on your phone or my.runscribe.com in easy to read graphics and graphs.

RunScribe comes in 3 different packages, marketed for what you demand from the machine. There is runScribe Starter, runScribe Pro, and runScribe Science. Each upgrade gives you access to more complex data. Starter is for your everyday runner just looking to up their game and stay safe; it shows data on your run time and pace, and the measurements of your foot contact. The Pro is for (pardon the pun) the pros; it gives you access to all 13 kinematic metrics, allowing you to really pinpoint every aspect of your run and find what needs improving to optimize your game. The scribePro Science is for those who want to see every spec of data there is; this will be best left for those using the device for research and not just personal perfection.

With the runScribe, we will know more about running than ever before. If you’re interested in the device or believe that it is a wonderful addition to science, then go on and support it; your feet will thank you the next time your adventure involves running.