Slide These On – Affordable and Stylish Bamboo Sunglasses

Practicality and style are both essential when it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for your next adventure or travel day trip. Wherever you may be around the world, whether on an adventure in the Sahara or relaxing in the Caribbean, a pair of shades is of utmost importance when it comes to blocking out harmfully blinding sunrays and welcoming adventure with your arms – wait, we mean, eyes wide open.

This is where rawWood Shades Co. comes in.

Established this year by Environmental Chemistry/Environmental Studies graduate Nick Mortimer, rawWood Shades Co. uniquely offers high quality wood sunglasses at a cost-effective price. Instead of using petroleum-based plastic, rawWood Shades creates sunglasses constructed of 100% natural bamboo that feature polarized UV400 protection lenses, laser-engraved logos, and scratch-resistant coating. Each pair is handmade so that no two are exactly the same, marking the pair you purchase exclusively yours and no one else’s. Take that, Ray-Ban fans.

They also float – which, to be frank, is pure genius.

The shades are currently available in three, versatile and appealing fashions. The Originals feature natural carbonized bamboo with dark grey lenses for a simple, but effective look, while the OG’s strut spectacular, green mirrored lenses that don’t let others know when you’re gawking at them. It’s okay, we all do it. Last but not the least, are the Cruisers. Boasting hand-painted bamboo with brown lenses that are slightly bigger than the Originals and OG’s, the Cruisers are perfect if you’re looking to make a bolder statement. All three pairs for us at ClapwayTV, please.

A custom protection case comes with every order as well, so that you have somewhere safe to stash them once the sun goes down or your adventure comes to an end. That’s right – no more losing your sunglasses and no more buying awful replacements. Hall.le.lujah.

In partnership with Trees for the Future, every pair of sunglasses you order results in one tree being planted in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. So not only is this trend stylish, high-quality, and low-priced, but conscious, too. Do we really have to say how much we love rawWood Shades Co. or is it already obvious? Check them out for yourself!