Don’t Let Wet Shorts Dampen Your Next Adventure

Now you can make like a duck and literally let water roll off your back – all thanks to Frank Anthony Swimwear, a brand of waterproof swimming trunks that are practical, fashionable and perfect for any adventure.

The genius idea was conceived by Frank Shaw, a young entrepreneur who grew tired of having to change his shorts after a day at the beach. As such, he decided to create a garment that would allow any beach-goer to transition seamlessly from an adventure in the water to a night out on the town. 

The process, however, was far from easy. To initially fund this idea, Frank started a Kickstarter campaign. Although the project received massive online support (his $10,000 goal was surpassed in just 15 days!), Frank had difficulties designing a functional prototype that would be durable, stylish and wearable. The current generation of shorts is the final product after many sessions of brainstorming and several scrapped ideas.

The shorts, which sell from $55 to $75, are currently made in Italy (ooh la la!) using Hydrophobic Nanotechnology fabric – a polyester blend produced in Switzerland that prevents the absorption of any water-based substance, including coffee, soda and fruit juice. When submerged underwater, the fabric essentially creates a force field of air around the shorts, allowing it to dry 95% faster than your standard, polyester trunks.

Although, water-repelling technology has been out for some time now; Frank’s shorts are unique. They are made completely out of the hydrophobic nanotechnology fabric, while other waterproof gear is only topically coated with a treatment. As a result, regular trunks cannot withstand being completely submerged in water; they also lose their water-repelling capabilities over time. Frank’s shorts, on the other hand, are revolutionary, yet soft to the touch and breathable.

However, by far the coolest thing about these shorts is that they are aesthetically pleasing. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, this growing trend will surely take the fashion and aquatic world by storm. Now, you never have to travel to your next beach adventure in damp Hawaiian themed trunks. I can already hear beach-goers around the world rejoice. Our dry car seats thank you Frank.

* Check out Frank Anthony Shorts here.