Help Make The World Extraordinary with the Extraordinary App

Adventure shouldn’t be selfish. It’s a big trend in adventure to connect what you’re doing with other people around the world in some beneficial way. There’s a million ways to do this. Extraordinary is an app that will have your everyday adventure be a benefit for the people of Ethiopia, specifically single mothers.

The app is the interface for a business model where companies can join with Extraordinary to employ single mothers to plant fruit trees in Ethiopia every time you use their services. A lot of these companies are restaurants, which is a great thing because people use restaurants every day (they see a lot of purchases), but there are plenty of other types of businesses connected to the app, including outdoor gear shops for your next great adventure.

This business model is currently only active in Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. It will spread to other cities next year. This isn’t a Groupon copy or some other service like it that offers you deals; this is a tool to make your participation in bettering the world locally and globally that much easier. You are supporting locally by helping small businesses in your city (assuming it is one that is joined with Extraordinary) that care about the cause, and you are supporting locally with the communities of Ethiopia that benefit from the trees. You are supporting globally by improving the forestation and natural food production in the world.

The businesses that are connected to the Extraordinary app are not just any businesses. Obviously, it’s great PR to participate in such a worthwhile cause, but the people behind the app know that it would be a discredit to their integrity and hurtful to their goals to just accept any business willing to participate. They need to be for the benefit of a charity or something similar. Extraordinary has specific guidelines that must be met in order to work with them.

The app will be free, which is why it needs your support. Like when you support the businesses involved with the app, donations to Extraordinary’s campaign will help hire local Ethiopian women plant trees.