Giants of the Caribbean: Unfolding an Ocean Adventure

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The world’s oceans are in danger and we are to blame. Every day, factories, power plants, and cars release tons of carbon dioxide into the air, much of which is absorbed by our oceans.

The result is frightening. Scuba divers and adventure seekers looking to take a dip will find that the seawater is becoming more acidic – spelling out disaster for marine animals around the world, from plankton to coral, all the way up the food chain, to larger fish and sharks.

But Vincent Kneefel refuses to let that happen

After witnessing the extraordinary marine life of the oceans, the avid dive master, adventure lover and scuba instructor decided to become an underwater photographer and thus, a storyteller. His book, “Giants of the Caribbean”, is currently in the middle of its Kickstarter Campaign and showcases 11 chapters of beautiful photos of several endangered marine species, from the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin to the Caribbean Reef Shark – all conveniently presented in a coffee table sized book.

Together, these images reveal the impact of pollution, overfishing, climate change and habitat destruction on the world’s oceans and its inhabitants. It is a visual documentation of Vincent’s trips over the last 5 years – an adventure inspired by the aftermath of the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. His goal was to capture the beauty of the ocean’s marine life before human practices drive these creatures to extinction. As such, “Giants of the Caribbean” relays the theme of ocean conservation and includes stories of his experiences, along with some background information about each unique species.

In fact, he has essentially dedicated his whole life to this goal. He is constantly updating his personal blog about his travel exploits, the ocean, and sustainability. Vincent is also the Corporate Sustainability Expert at the United Nations Global Compact in New York and works alongside various non-profit organizations, such as WWF, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, and the Charles Darwin Foundation. Furthermore, in 2009, he initiated the Rotterdam World Ocean Day event, which featured renowned speakers from all around the world, including Captain Paul Watson, David Doubilet and Fabien Cousteau.

Ultimately, Vincent’s love for the oceans has influenced every aspect of his life. The proceeds from his book, for example, will go towards giving back to the Limits to Earth foundations and will help fund a communication campaign to spread awareness. By doing so, he believes it’s possible to “turn the tide” and save the ocean, one coral reef at a time.

To support this project and growing trend, check out Vincent’s campaign on Kickstarter.