Cook Like An Ace and Help The World with the Ace 1

The most important invention in mankind’s history is fire. The wheel wouldn’t go very far without the ability to use fire. To this day, we still build fires to gather around for warmth and food. You could argue that it is our oldest trend. There are many technologies built around fire from types of engines to stoves, but most people around the world still use fire at a low technology level, making it inefficient and dangerous. It’s time to modernize the way the world uses fire with the Ace 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove.

The Ace 1 is a smokeless stove and device charger. It requires less fuel, burns hotter and faster, and produces way less CO2 emissions than any other kind of outdoor grill. It also has a usb port so it can charge your electronic devices through the optional solar panel. That solar panel also powers the internal fan which is how the stove can burn so hot (reaches 1832˚F), combust all biomass, and produce no smoke.

This simple package, weighing only 10 pounds, is a great addition to any camping adventure for its portability and function. By the time you’re done with your fire, your left with a small enough amount of ash to fit in a teaspoon, which makes cleaning up the entrails of your fire extremely simple and easy. It is also very flexible with your fuel source, allowing you to use foraged kindling as easily as the wood pellets you would normally bring. And just for fun, it comes in a variety of colors, which is always nice for any family adventure.

This product is being made by African Clean Energy, whose goal isn’t to just make a great product for the everyday outdoor adventurer, but to help the billions of people whose health is damaged from smoke when they cook indoors on makeshift stovetops. The features of the Ace 1 that will benefit the adventurer’s life, will save theirs.

If the Ace 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove will improve your adventure, or if you believe in Africa Clean Energy’s cause, you should support the campaign to produce this great product.