Never Be Stranded Without Juice With The Oivo

We’ve all been there. If you’re the frustrated owner of an iPhone, you’ve most likely experienced the feeling of pure panic that surfaces when your battery threatens to die at “1%.” Due to the fear of not having immediate access to Facebook, you’ve grown accustomed to bringing your charger with you everywhere you go. Sometimes, however, there are just no outlets to be found no matter how hard you search or how many times you ask the waitress at that restaurant.

That’s where the Oivo comes in handy.

The Oivo is the smallest portable charger for the iPhone that will let you recharge your drained battery anywhere you are. Now, I know what you’re thinking…there are tons similar products already available on the market; what’s so special about Oivo?

Well for starters, the charger is disguised as a key ring, small enough to fit comfortably into the back pocket of your tightest skinny jeans. This way, by hooking the charger to your keys, you will never forget to leave the house without your backup power source in hand. Furthermore, the Oivo uses AA batteries to power itself, unlike other devices that require an initial charge using an outlet or USB.

This genius idea ensures that you will never miss a beat. That’s because AA batteries are the most widely used batteries in the world. They are universally size and can be found in the most remote locations across the globe. Thus, by purchasing the Oivo, you don’t have to be concerned about investing in an outlet adapter whenever you travel out of the country. Just one set of batteries has enough juice to power up your iPhone up to 100% – the remaining power in the batteries can be used to power home devices, such as the remote control. You can even use rechargeable batteries!

The Oivo is also very easy to use. Simply open the two magnetically connected sides and put your iPhone on the lightning connector on the bottom half. Then secure the batteries in place and top it off with the other. This wireless, unique design fits snugly into the palm of your hand, allowing you to charge while you talk on the phone. The Oivo is also impact resistant and has a splash-proof construction, so rest assured: its tiny size does not come at a cost to its durability.

Unfortunately, as of now, the Oivo is only designed to power the iPhone, but Android fans can see to it that a Galaxy-friendly one is developed soon. If the Oivo obtains enough support in funding on its Kickstarter campaign, a Micro USB version will hit the market.

(hint, hint Android-ers).