Rhys Lawrey Seeks to Break Two Guinness World Records

If all goes as planned, 23-year-old Rhys Lawrey will become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. And more.

On May 3, 2014, Lawrey ambitiously left London on his Triumph Tiger 800XC to embark on his monumental trip around the world, setting out to break not one, but two Guinness World Records: the youngest person to circumnavigate the planet by motorcycle and to visit the most consecutive capital cities by motorcycle.

Inspired by his father, and GlobeBusters co-founder, Kevin Sanders, Mr. Lawrey is no stranger to adventure. Accomplished in 19.5 days, Sanders holds the world record for the fastest circumnavigating of the world by motorbike, along with the title for the fastest motor-journey of the Americas, riding from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina in just 35 days. Distinct from his dad’s travels is the fact that Lawrey’s globetrotting tour is aiding in fundraising for the Prince’s Trust, an organization that helps disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom.

To date, Lawrey has traveled through 21 countries, spanning a whopping 30,000km with another 50,000km and 52 countries to go. The adventurer has made his way through Europe, Asia, and Australia, leaving each continent with thrilling and unique experiences to last him a lifetime. From getting lost in Albania to experiencing border guard bribe attempts, to facing backwater bureaucracy, Lawrey is sure to face more unique situations as he continues his trek. He turned 23 in Kunming, China, celebrating the occasion with a well-deserved day off from his excursion and dinner. With only one minor crash on a Turkmenistan road since his spring departure (left him with a bruised leg), there seems to be no stopping the England-born motor enthusiast.

Lawrey rode through Queenstown, New Zealand yesterday and should reach the halfway mark (40,000 km) of his tour in a few days in Auckland, where he attended high school. (We see it as quite fitting that the halfway mark of his feat is also a halfway mark of youth for many.) After New Zealand, he will venture into the Untied States for more roads and adventures. Altogether, Lawrey is expected to finish in June of 2015. Fingers crossed.