Bear Grylls Kept Wife’s Wedding Ring Where?!

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Bear Grylls, the larva eating, pee-drinking adventurer, is known for his ability to survive in the most inhospitable terrains – from the alligator-infested waters of the Everglades to the banks of -90 degrees Fahrenheit Siberian River.

Yet, despite his aptitude in the wild, he’s doesn’t seem to be as adept in the field of modern technology.

The British TV presenter, famous for his massively popular show “Man vs. Wild,” recently revealed that he accidentally sent a naked photo of himself to television and radio presenter, Dermot O’Leary.

When describing the incident in an interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Bear explained that he sent the picture before skinny-dipping in the sea off north Wales. As part of his morning ritual, he heads out every day to the same cliff and jumps off of it before anyone else is out. But he insists on doing it butt naked. In fact, it’s hard for him to resist the temptation to do so when a substantial body of water beckons him with its calming waves.

One morning, specifically, while on one of his swimming sessions, he casually snapped a selfie on his iPhone and texted it to Dermot. Later, to his own chagrin, he would come to learn the hard way that small screens are incredibly dangerous. After blowing up the image, Bear quickly realized that it was possible to “see the end of” what he didn’t realize was visible at the time.

The incredibly cold winter morning that day didn’t help his case either.

But Bear has overcome bigger problems in the past – like how to endure the night in a rancid camel. He’s also not one to do anything normally. Most men, when preparing to pop the big question to his spouse, might prepare some champagne or a nice candlelit dinner. Not Bear. Back in 2000, the resourceful survivalist proposed to his wife, Shara, by pulling the ring from his buttocks. After all, he had to keep it secure somewhere while he went for another skinny-dipping session.

Oh Bear, you never fail to charm the ladies. ;)