An Adventurer’s Guide To Clothing

Men in Skirts; Women without Shirts: Clothing's Lib Clapway

Being an adventurer requires more than courage and brawn. You must also dress the part to look the part. We’ve previously offered some tips on how to look like a rugged mountain man, but here’s another guide, complete with pictures. Channel your inner Indiana Jones.

1. Head Gear

Have you realized that ALL outdoorsmen wear hats? Spending long hours outside in the sun can really be tasking on your skin. Plus, sunburn is never pleasant. Luckily hats come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for any activity and weather condition. Here are some stylish options to choose from, although obviously, the ‘coon hat surpasses all:

2. Shirts/Pants

Unfortunately, adventurers don’t have as much variety in this department. Settle for convenience over aesthetics. Remember, the more pockets the better and flannel is always a fashion statement in or out of the woods.

Also opt for pants that are stretchy, water resistant, and durable. If they breathe well in warm/humid conditions and can roll up to shorts (to traverse those rivers!), that’s always a plus. Again…pockets are key.

3. Shoes

As an outdoorsman, you’re probably going to be spending lots of time on your feet. As such, make sure you wear something that’s comfortable, but also sturdy! Flip flops might be fine when you’re walking the streets or on the beach, but in themountains the terrains can be unpredictable – so make sure your shoes have a good grips and can keep those toe-sies warm.

4. Accessories

While out and about, you might eventually find yourself in some trouble. Some survival tools should come handy during these situations – whether you need to fight off a bear or build a campfire. Alternatively, these accessories are absolutely essential, because they complete the look. Here are our favorite things to bring along while backpacking, hiking, etc.

5. Beard

Last, butcertainly not least is the beard – the epitome of “adventure.” Your beard is a direct measure of your manhood, but growing the perfect one is a delicate art form. You must take into account its length, width, tangled-ness, uncleanness, and level of difficulty to comb through, among other things. However, the three styles below are safe choices that will prove your toughess to anyone who challenges it.

I mean…the mustache is cute, but trust me; it’s no beard.