Millennials Are Taking Over The Travel Industry

According to Brooke Bergman of Forbes Magazine,  Millennials are becoming more and more influential in shaping the future of the travel industry – demanding everything to be available at any point in time. But this is expected; as described by Deloitte, Millennials are the “impatient, self-reliant, service-oriented generation,” comprised of a group of people who have never experienced what it’s like to not have immediate access to a computer, Internet or Wi-Fi.

But exactly how influential is our generation? According to Expedia’s Future of Travel Study, 49% of Millennials either plan or book their trips using their smartphones. This means that mobile applications – especially ones that deliver reviews, travel discounts and flight statuses – will quickly infiltrate and influence the travel industry like never before.

Companies, like Hotel Tonight and Wi-Fi Finder , for example, are focused on developing new mobiles apps that will deliver first-rate services to its users. With 40% of Millennials sharing a travel experience through social media, and 34% voicing their opinions after their return, both startups and big companies are starting to notice.  “Gone are the days of calling an airline carrier to find the next available flight out of a city or the quickest route to a meeting at that exact second,” says Bergman.  Because “the self-service age of digital systems”  is innate to the majority of travelers today, people have a higher trust in the Internet, in general. Thus, a mobile device, functions like a personal assistant rather than an inanimate tool.

Keeping up with these changing demands is also very important for travel companies all over the word. As a newer generation succeeds the Millennials, even faster response times and more personalized experiences are to be expected. As such, any company or start up business looking to enter the travel industry should keep all of this in mind.

Expedia has already received the memo:

Our vision, in summary, is for the world of online travel to take the best of what bricks and mortar agencies offer in terms of personalisation and the human touch, so we can create trips that from start to finish allow the mobile-device-clutching voyager to enjoy a seamless and connected journey.