MSC Cruises Introduces LEGO Playrooms

MSC Cruises recently took their kid-friendly cruises to another level by announcing a partnership with LEGO. No, their cruise ships won’t be made out of LEGO toys, but they will now feature LEGO-themed playrooms.

“The LEGO Group and MSC Cruises are both family businesses – built on strong values – that are recognized worldwide, so our two companies are a great match,” said Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises CEO. “The LEGO Group bricks and toys are close to the hearts of millions of people who grew up playing with them, and with this partnership we hope to give our younger guests some magical memories that they’ll treasure forever.”

The LEGO playroom bonus will be added onto the mega cruise ships either when they are built – two new ships are currently on order for 2017 – or when they are slated for drydock. MSC Armonia, as well as the brand’s other Lirica ships, is scheduled to receive the first of the Lego rooms in November 2014. So far, they’re set to feature: duplo play for children under three, classic LEGO bricks and Vertical Play Wall for children ages 7-11, and “Building Happening,” which is a themed LEGO building event with limited bricks for children 6-11.

Ships like the MSC Divina (Miami to the Caribbean), however, aren’t due for a drydock visit until 2017, meaning they’re unlikely to get a remodeled play area any earlier than that.

Meanwhile, LEGO onboard activities for the 12 ships will include a LEGO Experience Day, in which attendees will merit an official LEGO Junior Master Builder diploma by completing competitions, games, and interaction with Sailor Walkabout, the minifigure costumed mascot.

The LEGO partnership adds onto MSC’s already existing programs aimed toward the younger demographic like the Divina’s onboard Smurf-themed Mini and Junior Club. On top of that, the brand allows children 11 and under to sail free when staying in the same room with two paying adults.

“We’re proud to be able to make the LEGO Group a contributor to the MSC Cruises’ concept,” Onorato said. “I know our younger guests are going to love this exciting new addition.”

Also set for the future is an excusive LEGO MSC cruise ship building set to its range, which will be available for sale onboard in time.