Hush: The Traveler’s Secret Weapon To A Noiseless Flight

Whether you’re a student cramming for an exam, a spouse dealing with a snoring partner, or a traveler on a loud flight, we’ve all experienced what it’s like to deal with unwelcomed noise. Trying to focus is a daunting task; trying to sleep is nearly impossible.

In an effort to deal with the sensory overload, we plug in earphones or utilize a sound machine – the two most popular methods to mask sound. Yet, earplugs don’t always perform well, and sound machines can only be played so loudly before they become disturbances themselves.

Fortunately, Hush – “The World’s First Smart Earplugs” – may be the cure to our sleepless nights. Developed by a team of frustrated college students turned engineers, the wireless noise masking earplugs combine the two existing solutions to achieve a greater level of noise isolation.

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The innovative device implements an earplug as its first line of defense and then masks out residual sounds with an in-ear sound machine.

It features four unique attributes:

    • Heat sensitive memory foam that molds to the inside of your ear.
    • Silicone padding that provides cushion for users that sleep on their sides.
    • An angled design that follows the natural curve of your ear.
    • A curved exterior that allows users to roll freely during sleep.

Perhaps the most impressive feature, however, is Hush’s ability to connect wirelessly to your smart phone. With a simple click of a button, users can cancel out noise by selecting a masking track from the Hush application – anything from a thunderstorm, ocean waves and rainfall. It can also play binaural beats (a pitch in one ear and a slightly higher one in the other), which encourage certain brain states.

Furthermore, Hush provides users with a good night’s sleep while still permitting you to hear the things that matter most – maybe an important phone call or text message. By connecting your phone to the app, you may chose which alerts to wake you up (alarm) and which you want to block out. They will only sound in your ear, so when morning comes, you won’t bother your spouse. He/she can thank you later.

To support Hush Earplugs, check out the Kickstarter Campaign here.

Hush: The Traveler's Secret Weapon To A Noiseless Flight  - ClapwayPhoto Courtesy of