Calling All Adventure Enthusiasts: Introducing Clapway Marketplace

Travel and adventure enthusiasts assemble! Clapway is offering a new, all-inclusive ticket to some of America’s most thrilling explorations through its online platform, Marketplace.

In a world where small businesses and independent services are woefully overlooked and overshadowed by high-powered agencies, the Clapway team believes that every service, big and small alike, deserves the opportunity to deliver wonderful and unforgettable experiences to adventurous clients. While other online marketplaces such as Groupon, Eventbrite, and Living Social work exclusively with well-established companies that charge hefty service fees or take a portion of the sales commission, Marketplace focuses on featuring the services of independent service providers through its free web platform.

Clapway Marketplace has already teamed up with a variety of talented, knowledgeable and dedicated people to provide clients with one of a kind experiences, entirely catered to their wants – not just the needs of the mass. So go on a free parrot safari with Steve Baldwin and observe flocks of wild parrots in their natural New York habitat! Let professional skateboarder, Ivan Perez, show you how to skateboard like a pro! Are you an art enthusiast fueled by incredible architecture and landscapes? Take a tour with New York based artist, Eloy, whose work has been reviewed by the reputable Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Clients can find all these services and many more currently taking place in cities around the world.

Clapway Marketplace also provides its subscribers with a personal contact for each independent service provider under the product description, as well as an online inquiry form that is delivered directly to the service provider’s private email. Any questions or concerns can be directly addressed with this feature.

Having this personal access to the independent service providers liberates subscribers from having to make agonizing phone calls to customer service hotlines…or worst yet, deal with the cheesy elevator music that comes with it.

It’s about time…

* Have a service you would like to offer? Tour guides, coaches, and overall adventure enthusiasts are all welcomed to promote their services on Clapway Marketplace. Check it out here and follow this link to submit your service.