Hyperloop May Revolutionize The Way People Travel Around The World

Elon Musk, the innovative technology mogul who has been revolutionizing the transportation industry with automobiles and space shuttles, has been too busy to accomplish all of his goals. In 2013, Musk unveiled one of his dreams – in the form of a 57-page paper – which he called the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a revolutionary transportation system designed like an above-ground bullet train. It could potentially transport large quantities of passengers across the country at speeds up to 800 mph.

If any ordinary inventor, or “dreamer,” were to present an idea as imaginative as this one, he or she would most likely be considered insane. Their idea would be brushed off as nothing more than a lucid dream in a fantasy world. However, Musk, being the CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X, has earned the right to make this claim, giving credence to the idea that the Hyperloop could one day be a reality.

Fellow “dreamers” from El Segundo, CA, have taken this idea to heart and have decided to move forward with the development and possible construction of the Hyperloop. JumpStartFund, the organization looking to establish Hyperloop as the revolutionary solution to the modern-day transportation problems, kicked off the beginning of their venture by forming their company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.

The company consists of a team of numerous engineers who are currently employed at various technology corporations such as NASA, Airbus and Boeing. These hard working intellectuals have chosen to dedicate their efforts to this cause in hopes of taking part in changing the future of transportation. These engineers, some of whom are UCLA students, have been carefully selected based on their talents in such fields as capsule design, route planning and even cost analysis. Although this is just the very beginning, the team of engineers has already made progress in such areas as designing the capsules, the stations and the route in which the Hyperloop will potentially travel.

This is just the beginning to what may one day be the source of transportation that the public uses to travel around the country and possibly even the globe. Given that futuristic reality, there is a good chance that Hyperloop may play a big role in the extinction of other modes of transportation such as planes, trains and even—automobiles.

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