Apple Watch: Apple’s Latest Revolutionary Contribution to Technology

The most anticipated release of 2015 may just be Apple’s latest contribution to technology—Apple Watch (Watch). Apple Watch has yet to be released, but is soon to be the latest improvement in the Smartwatch category of technology – one that’s proving to be an essential accessory to travelers and adventurers alike.

The revolutionary new device is comprised of three different collections: Watch – the standard version; Watch Sport – the lighter and more durable version; and Watch Edition – the finest version, made of 18K Gold and formulated to be twice as hard as standard gold. Apple has made such great strides in the technology world, with each of their unique and intelligently designed products. Although the Apple Watch has yet to officially be released, I will review this product based on four of the most important categories, which may help you determine if this is a product for you!

Technological Aspects– How is this product advancing technology?

Although the world has grow accustomed to no longer needing a watch, since every other device they carry around can tell them the time, the Apple Watch may be more of a success than a setback. This new invention from Apple essentially contains all of the necessary computing components on a single microchip. In other words, it’s basically an entire computer on one chip. The actual watch feature may be an upgrade to the modern watch, since it’s accuracy is measured down to the millisecond and Apple has collaborated with some of the greatest horological experts around the world to guarantee the accuracy of this product.

The most brilliant part of this product is certainly the charging mechanism. This could revolutionize the future of charging for every technological device. The charging unit consists of a plug that attaches to the back of the watch, but does not actually insert into the watch, it just lines up with surface. The charging port is made out of four sapphire lenses, which uses infrared invisible LED light technology and photo sensors that are also used for other features on the watch. Some benefits of this new form of charging may be: no more loose charging ports due to bending it a certain way, no more small particles like dust or other pieces that may become stuck in the port, no more water damage through the charging port. The elimination of these common problems may help the Apple Watch last longer and guarantee sales.

Touch Screen & Sensitivity – Compared to any other touchscreen device.

Although screens have been getting progressively bigger, with the Samsung Galaxy Note®, the Nokia Lumia 1520 and even the new iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch is a new direction which may not bode well for all users. The Apple Watch does however come in two different case sizes: 38mm and a 42mm. The apps look unique and easy to navigate through, with a new visual appearance, but because of the screen size they may be too small for some to touch.

In terms of sensitivity, the screen is much more sensitive than other touch screens on any device, considering that tapping and pressing the screen commands two different functions. This is what Apple calls their Taptic Engine mechanism. This device also uses sight and sound sensors, along with touch, to communicate with the user.

Durability & Longevity – How strong is this product and how long can it last?

When understanding and considering any form of technology—durability always plays a role. Having a portable device which consumers bring everywhere requires that device be able to withstand countless possibilities such as being dropped, wet, hit, scratched, etc. In terms of the Apple Watch, dropping it is no longer a possibility since the device is strapped to the body, though the possibility of this device being able to withstand water damage has yet to be determined. However, the probability of it being hit or scratched is a very likely scenario. Anyone who doesn’t believe this has never had a nice watch that they hit into something and scratched the glass. Apple has taken specific precautions to hopefully avoid these scenarios with their unique crown design, which consists of a flexible retina display, laminated to a machined and polished single hardened crystal of Sapphire—which is the second hardest transparent material after Diamond. This may possibly be the strongest touchscreen yet and as such, may revolutionize the touchscreen market as well—fixing the very common problem of easily broken screens.

Design & Function – The Unique features that make this product different from the rest.

Like most of Apple’s products, including their apps, they decided to continue their trend of devices with a round appearance for the Apple Watch. The traditional watch design is a nice touch including the scrolling wheel on the side, giving the Apple Watch an authentic feel with a modern look. The customization options are actually a great addition to the Apple Watch, which is uncommon in Apple products, but allows each individual the chance to customize their watch based on their personal preferences.

In addition, the Apple Watch offers a unique new way for users to connect with each other, with the tap, sketch and heartbeat sharing features. Users are also able to sync their Apple Watch with other Apple devices, allowing Apple Watch to provide users with a comprehensive picture of their daily activities, and further allowing it to establish and set goals for users to continue their progress, while awarding their milestones along the way. This may be an extremely motivational device, which helps users in many aspects of their daily lives, or it may be a very intrusive product that wants to be too involved and breach the gap between humans and technology – that part has yet to be determined.

The Bands [Subcategory] – The main feature that makes this product an actual watch.

There are six different strap types so far, in multiple different colors, with an easily interchangeable mechanism that offers consumers the chance to continuously customize their Apple Watch.

These Band types are:

Sport Band: a high performance elastomer band.
Leather Loop Band: a soft, quilted leather band with a magnetic clip.
Modern Leather Band: a leather band with a solid metal buckle.
Classic Leather Band: a traditional band with a standard buckle.
Stainless Steel Link Bracelet: a traditional link bracelet with a standard clip that tucks itself away within the actual band.
Milanese Loop Band: a flexible one-size-fits-all, stainless steel mesh with a magnetic clip.

And although the Apple Watch has yet to be released, it is sure to industrialize the Smartwatch industry.