Roundup: 2014’s Best 10 Adventure Tips

From adrenaline-rushing activities around the world to what delectable snacks are best for on-the-go traveling, we offered a lot of tips last year. And in light of 2014’s conclusion, we have resurfaced some of the year’s best and most memorable words of wisdom in hopes that you remember them all during your future adventures in 2015. (Better late than never!)

On beating jet lag:
“Consider the time of your final destination and mentally prepare yourself for the arrival. On an extended flight, for example, try napping to reset your internal clock, instead of staying up to watch a movie.”

 On camping in New Zealand:
Pretty much everywhere you go in New Zealand you are allowed to camp for free (hence freedom camping). The rule is that you’re not allowed within 200m of a ‘no camping’ sign, but there aren’t many of them so it’s a reasonable request. Most of the places worth visiting are on the coast, so pick a direction on arrival, and circumnavigate! Everywhere is epic, but you will not see it all. Accept that, and take what time you do have to really experience the places you do get to.”

On moving abroad:
“Leave and arrive with an open mind… you are absolutely not going to be the same person you were when you left the mother land by the time you’re done living abroad (if you’re done, that is).”

On healthy travel treats:
“Found in the Amazon forest, acai berries are deep purple and small, and work as anti-aging machines. Like red wine, acai berries are loaded with anthocyanins, a substance related with heart health and lowered levels of cholesterol. They’re also closely associated to slowing the process of aging and preventing diseases related to cellular oxidative damage. According to Global Healing Center, one acai berry carries 10 times the number of antioxidant vitamins as grapes, and two times the amount of blueberries.”

On why you should visit San Juan, Puerto Rico:
Even as it competes against emerald coastline and lush greenery, the capital city still continues to be strikingly seductive. Old San Juan mostly features the influence of Spanish architecture, while other sectors feature a mix of influence from art deco and modern. Most beautiful of all though are the streets that are still paved with blue cobblestones from the Spanish colonial era.”

On staying clean in the woods:
“Getting dirty is one thing, but getting sick because you’re dirty is another. To kill bacteria, carry around portable hand sanitizer to use whenever you prepare food or share snacks with your buddies.”

On traveling light:
“Think essentials! Sometimes, you’ll make purchases just because you are in another country or because you see something unique that will remind you of your trip; you can quickly accumulate possessions this way, so bringing less to begin with will leave extra room for the new must haves.”

On taking your best Instagram travel picture:
“The best times to photograph landscapes are around dawn and dusk. These are considered the golden hours: the angle of the light creates interesting patterns, textures, and dimensions.”

On zorbing:
“Globally available, zorbing is when adventure-seekers fixate themselves into a giant inflatable orb. And then roll around. Simply put: It’s as fun as it sounds.”

On fighting a bear:
“Run, run, RUN – but have the common sense that a bear is bigger than you and can therefore run faster. Resort to running if that’s the only option left, but remember to keep away from steep hills, inclines or rocky areas. And if you happen to be camping with a friend, just outrun him or her.”