180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers: The Wireless Way To Do Winter

Kicking off the New Year with record low temperatures and moderate snowfall, this season is sure to be a cold one. Traveling in the winter is always a hassle, which takes a toll on your hands and ears alike. When the weather reaches the “it’s too cold to use my cell phone” point—it is officially freezing out!

Oftentimes people try to satisfy their need to make a phone call or even listen to music while wearing earmuffs, but it always seems to be an uncomfortable situation. Whether your headphones are allowing the cold to sneak into your earmuffs, or your earmuffs are forcing your headphones deep into your ear, causing pain—the two do not work together. Yes, you could probably buy yourself a nice pair of headphones that offer a big cushion around your ear, but who wants to spend a ton of money on top of the line brands just to solve a simple problem?

180s, the company that prides itself on creating wearable technology, has solved this problem with their 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers. This awesome product is not only capable of keeping your ears warm, but is designed with built-in Bluetooth that’s able to connect with any compatible device. 180s Ear Warmers are known for being convenient, unisex and collapsible. They’re conveniently adjustable, due to their unique design, which allows them to stretch wide open, and shrink back down without practically any effort from the user. They are applied to the head, by wrapping around the back as opposed to over the top—which avoids messing up your hairstyle.

The 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers offer some great features. On a full charge, they are capable of nine hours of talk time, eight hours of listening time (music or other audio) and 100 hours of stand-by time. They weigh in at a grand total of 3oz, and are water resistant, contain Hi-Definition speakers and a microphone, in addition to being easy to pair with Bluetooth devices—depending on reception.

Controlling your music and calls are as easy and convenient as one button. Just one button on these Ear Warmers allows you to pause and resume audio and answer, end or reject calls while playing music or other audio. This device also comes stock with both Siri® and GoogleNow® activation features.

The downside is that they only currently come in three different colors: Black, White and Blue. They are not expensive, but they do cost more than most earmuffs. However, given the fact that they come with built-in Bluetooth and are currently on sale (on their website) for $40, they are actually worth the money.

These unique Ear Warmers are great for using a cellphone, or any other Bluetooth device in the winter. They help to keep your hands from being cold, since you wont have to take your hands out of your pockets or gloves to make calls or listen to music. Their one-size-fits-all design makes this product great for everyone. And they’re easily collapsible, which makes keeping them in your pocket easy for storage.

But most importantly, they really do keep your ears warm.