Oru Kayak: Origami Kayak Transforms Open Water Adventures

If origami were a hobby for giants, this product would be their masterpiece. This unbelievable product makes exploring the sea as easy and convenient as possible. The unique design of this product may pave the way for all future watercraft, making not only exploring the sea an enjoyable event, but getting there equally enjoyable.

The Oru Kayak is a revolution to the kayak market, due to its creatively original origami-like design. The assembly time takes approximately five minutes from the moment you open the box to the moment you apply the final piece. It can have you on the water in no time!

This innovative company creatively used crowdfunding resources to raise money for their original design—bringing this unique product to life. They launched their first model via Kickstarter, and after successfully completing their goal they earned an appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank. Their original model was such an extraordinary design that it now resides as a permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The Oru Kayak offers its users the convenience of an inflatable kayak with the strength of a traditional one. Just owning a product as convenient as this would most definitely encourage one to be more adventurous. It offers the stability that beginners seek, with the speed and sportiness that experts crave on the open water. The luxurious seating area provides a comfortable foam seat with a fully-adjustable backrest, as well as a fully adjustable footrest.

Their original version is known as the Bay model. Due to the success of original version, Oru Kayak has updated its design with the release of their latest model known as the Bay+. These kayaks measure in two different forms: the folded/boxed form and the fully assembled form. Below are the measurements for both forms of the original Bay model.

Fully Assembled Kayak:
Length: 12′ [3.7 M]
Width: 25″ [63 CM]
Weight: 26 lbs. [12 KG]
Weight Capacity: 260-300LBS
Cockpit: 16″X30″ [41X76 CM]

Folded/Boxed Kayak:
Length: 32″ [81 CM]
Width: 13″ [33 CM]
Height: 28″ [71 CM]

This innovative product is sure to revolutionize not just the watercraft market, but may also play a role in revolutionizing the way manufacturers design all of their products—making the construction of future products more compact and efficient for both the consumer and the environment.