Hidden Pools: The Adventurous Backyard Makeover | Gear Review

With summer just… nowhere in sight, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about swimming pools. However, I’m not talking about the ordinary kind: HiddenPools is a company that uniquely designs swimming pools that transform into something else entirely. These astonishing recreational spaces are designed to disguise themselves while they’re not in use.

HiddenPools provides their customers with an efficient opportunity to take advantage of modern mechanics and creative architecture by using the space in their yards more appropriately. There are many advantages to having a hidden pool: they require less chemicals and energy, operate as a fully functioning swimming area when in use, and transform into a place to sit, or an important part of the ambiance, when not in use. You may also choose to have several features, such as a water fountain or pop-up tables, installed into the design. The possibilities are seemingly endless, depending on personal preference and creativity.

Closing a pool for the cold weather months also becomes much easier: owners of the unique space no longer need to worry about dealing with messy covers that usually become tarnished from various weather conditions, like snow and heavy winds.

However, the most important attribute a hidden pool can offer its users is child safety. Every year, unfortunate news stories arise about young children drowning in their swimming pools. Many of these cases occur when gates around the pool are unlocked, or when parents simply forget to keep a close eye on their child.

The scenarios are endless, but HiddenPools eliminates most risks by offering state of the art technology coupled with top of the line construction that ensures the safety of children at all times. Owning a hidden pool is a brilliant idea, and if affordable for most, they will surely revolutionize the swimming pool industry.