Luna Salada Hotel: Hospitality With Substantial Flavor

For any traveler, when someone speaks of seasoning, there can be a few applicable definitions at work. Even for those who lean more towards cuisine as a base for their definitions. On the other hand, the idea of seasoning can apply to the destination
itself. One location that looks to be the ultimate hotspot in those terms is Bolivia’s own Luna Salada Hotel.

The Luna Salada Hotel is capitalizing on one unique factor; it is wholly composed of salt. Every single wall, the chairs, the floors and the tables, and even the beds in the guest rooms are made entirely of sodium chloride. The hotel sits in close proximity to the Salar De Uyuni, one of two major salt flats that dominate the southwestern landscape of the mountainous South American nation. It is also located at a considerably high elevation as a result, over 10,000 feet in altitude. Such heights and the location make for a breathtaking scene. Travelers often make it a point to visit the Salar De Uyuni which is considered the world’s largest at 4,000 square miles and sits adjacent to the borders of Chile and Argentina. Most of these tourists are day-trippers, but salt hotels have begun to emerge as points of curiosity after many have made their way across the glistening expanse of the Salar. The Luna Salada Hotel has become the first of these few hospitality locations for travelers to rest themselves in the area. It’s a remarkable fact, given that Bolivia on a whole is slowly warming itself up to the idea of eco-tourism in recent years.

For a hotel being totally comprised of salt, one would think that comfort is sacrificed. On the contrary, the Luna Salada prides itself on being a warm and embracing environment for guests. The communal spaces are constructed to give off a
looming but cozy feel. The bedrooms come with electric blankets and in some cases, a majestic view of the Salar’s expanse. The chefs, despite the challenges of cooking at such an altitude, provide quality dishes that reflect the substantial indigenous population that has resided in the area for centuries. The Luna Salada Hotel has also captured the attention of highly renowned groups like National Geographic and has
been highly rated by Trip Advisor among other travel websites.If you’re ever in Bolivia and want more zest for your trip, the Luna Salada may be your answer.