The Faces Of Cuba: A Photo Essay

…Our country is not just Cuba; our country is also humanity.” – Fidel Castro

Cuba is a vibrant and intriguing place, steeped in history and the legends of young revolutionaries. This history, and its consequences for the small island nation, have been etched into Cuban society and is reflected in the faces of its people. Rough around the edges perhaps, but beaming with fierce national pride and Caribbean style, the older generation of Cubans are often welcoming with a glass of rum and a revolutionary song. These are a selection of my favourite Cuban Communist portraits:

"Tobacco" (Trinidad) - Clapway“Tobacco” (Trinidad)

El Vaquero - Clapway“El Vaquero” (Baracoa)

Photo 3 - El Guerillo - Clapway“El Guerrillo” (Havana)

Che - Clapway“Che” (Havana)