ION Hotel: A Beacon Of Fire and Ice

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For many travelers who dream of the Northern Lights or have seen them up close, the atmospheric vision is nothing short of magical. The country of Iceland has its own unique perspective – being situated as it is in the Atlantic Ocean. A new addition to the nation’s array of hotels looks to not only take full advantage of this, but also to become a sight to see on par with the Northern Lights themselves.

The ION Luxury Adventure Hotel is a marvel of boutique hotel design and mindful ecological architecture all in one. The hotel is situated within the south-western part of the country in the town of Selfoss. It was formerly an abandoned inn until Sigurlaug Sverisdottir, a cabin-crew attendant turned adventure tour CEO and owner, viewed the property and saw its vast potential. She led the entire process of ION’s conceptualization and building and is currently the general manager. The design firm of Minarc also set forth how the hotel would ultimately look. For example, it is effectively built to give the appearance of bursting forth from the mountains, not unlike volcanic lava from nearby Mount Hengill.  One other note of interest is its proximity to Thingvelir National Park, listed by UNESCO as a prime natural site.

ION contains 45 rooms in total. Renovations were made to the building through the utilization of a prefabricated panelized construction system called mnmMOD. This lessens the hotel’s carbon footprint. Throughout the hotel, sustainability is of the utmost importance. This is seen from organic bed linen and lighting made from lava and reclaimed wood. Even the showers are powered in geothermal fashion. ION’s resulting look is sleek, cool but not in an austere way. It is also meant to celebrate the wonders of Iceland, supported in part by a program of traditional arts and crafts. In addition, the focus on sustainability even extends to the Silfra Restaurant & Bar, which features locally-sourced and wholesome cuisine.

ION is also conveniently located close to a major junction of highways, making it entirely accessible to the Keflavik International Airport, as well as the rest of the country. Furthermore, it also offers an airport shuttle as part of their amenities package.

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