Romance Above The Alps In A Luxury Cable Car

In case you haven’t been fully paying attention to television ads or have ignored the highly-decorated aisles in your local drugstore, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. This weekend in fact. And while many traveling couples have already made their own romantic vacation plans or are hurriedly doing so, there will be a few couples that have destinations that truly evoke romance in a spectacular way. But there’s now one destination that combines romance and adventure in a unique way, thanks to a well-known rental company.

The French Alps have been a cherished destination for hundreds of years. One of the region’s most exemplary hospitality properties is the Courchevel Ski Resort. The Courchevel resort has been a fixture in the area since their simple beginnings in 1946. Today, it’s both ski resort and national monument.

Recognizing this, the folks at AirBnB decided to join efforts with them in crafting one of their web-based competitions with a thrilling grand prize. That grand prize? One night’s stay within a luxury cable car suspended 9,000 feet above the Rhone-Alpes. Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’ contests have awarded unique destination prizes before that range from the swanky, like a private jet to the off-beat, such as an IKEA.

This might certainly take the cake, however. All one has to do is to go to Airbnb’s dedicated page, click on ‘Contact The Host’ and then explain why, in 100 words or less, they want to have this experience. The contest itself began on January 25th, but is still open until February 25th.

Romance Above The Alps2_Clapway

The winner of the ‘Night at 9,000 Feet’ contest will need to travel to Courchevel initially to attend the ceremony on March 6th. Then the winner and three guests will be whisked away to the mountain atop snowmobiles, and be treated to a Sayovard dinner chock full of fine food and wine after the doors to the cable car are opened to reveal that it is an elegantly designed apartment complete with two beds. The guests will then travel to a position 9,000 feet near the top of the Sommet de la Saulire, and spend the night overlooking the Massif de la Vanoise. After their night above the Alps, the guests will then return to Courchevel to enjoy breakfast and the fine skiing before heading back home. An adventure like that definitely would be a step above the buffet at a local hotel for Valentine’s Day for sure.