Why High-Tech Travel Friendly Socks Are Important | Gear Review

Technologists and designers are increasingly working together to develop clothing that does more than simply cover and style us. Companies are now beginning to understand that our bodies and clothing can work together all through the art of Smart Textile, commonly known as Fabric Technology.

What makes this technology revolutionary is that it has the ability to do various things that ordinary fabrics cannot. Smart textiles, for example, are categorized into two basic categories – Aesthetic, which can light up and change color, and Performance Enhancing, which can adjust body temperature and reduce wind resistance, among other things. There is even a Self-Repairing Fabric concept underway, as this video demonstrates here.

But before we get too sci-fi, let’s take a look at the most basic example of this technology: tech wear socks.

For the most part of the day, you are on your feet anytime you go somewhere or travel to a new place. Thus, one of the most fundamental aspects of clothing and for some the most important, is socks. Protecting your feet also directly correlates to having a good time. Unfortunately, we often tend to forget this fact until it’s too late (blisters, anyone?).

To ensure you have the best time on your travels, take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you.

What Are High Quality Travel Socks?
The best material available is Merino Wool which is considered a high quality sock fabric.

What Makes Merino Wool so great?

    • Natural Heating & Cooling
    • Strength & Resilience
    • Odor Resistance
    • No itching
    • Fast Drying
    • Breathability & Moisture Management
    • Better Range of Motion & Circulation
    • Natural Sun Protection
    • Static Resistant

We recommend that you pick up some terrific Merino Wool Socks at IcebreakerThey have a fantastic variety to choose from and you will be thankful you purchased them, especially while traveling, hiking and climbing. Merino Wool Socks are a bit more expensive, but well worth it because you will be capable of doing more. Besides, the socks will last a lot longer than cheaply made ones – ultimately saving you much more money in the end. Consider it an investment.