Smartest Helmet In The World | Gear Review

Considered “the smartest helmet in the world”, the Skully AR-1 Helmet boasts a sleek and futuristic design that is both well thought out and modern. The design team focuses their energies on placing the user first and constructs the technology around the practical usage of a helmet. As consumers and motorcycle enthusiasts, it’s great knowing that the Skully brand is fixated on making the most technologically advanced helmets on planet Earth as an extension for human being capabilities. This improves customer trust and excitement for their product.

You can check out a walk through of both the outer and inner functionality of the Skully Helmet and philosophy by watching a really informative video by Skully’s VP of Design, here.

It isn’t just about selling helmets, it’s about providing human beings with the opportunity of being more when wearing these helmets. No one is becoming Iron Man anytime soon but the vision and dream of what Skully Helmets can be is truly exciting and thought provoking for the future of what they will hopefully continue to bring us.

Here’s what makes the SKULLY AR-1 HELMET so cool:

  • Infinite Focus Display
  • Turn by Turn Directions/GPS Navigation
  • Speed Information
  • Gear Position
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Jet Fighter Technology Visor w/ Tint Functionality
  • Voice Control & Stereo Audio
  • Anti-Focus Coating & Anti-Glare Coating
  • Waterproof & Dust Proof

Skully also promises to continue developing new concepts and additional features such as group rides and rider position.  The liner used in the AR-1 skully helmet was created by a company called Outlast. Originally created for NASA, the material is designed to either absorb, store, or release heat, depending on the ambient temperature. Outlast is not a sweat-wicking technology, but is meant to help control the temperature to keep you from sweating in the first place.