Expo Milano 2015 The Next World’s Fair | Event Review

2015 is a year that gives the world an opportunity to come together, collaborate and discover new ideas that will benefit all our lives. “Where can such an event take place?,” you may be wondering.  It is none other than Expo Milano 2015 – The Next World’s Fairthe Universal Exhibition that will be hosted by Milan, Italy just Northwest of the center of town. Covering 272 Acres, the grounds expect an estimated 29 million visitors from May 1st-October 31 2015.  More than 140 participating countries will showcase the best of their technology, which will offer answers to questions revolving around health, safety and better food nourishment.

Let’s take a look at the this year’s chosen theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The Theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life – topics being covered

  • History of Food:How human settlements, trade agriculture and farming techniques have changed over time.
  • Feast and Famine:solving problems of malnutrition and physiological diseases
  • The Future of Food: research & scientific discovery lead the way to the nutrition of tomorrow.
  • Sustainable Food:  a better balance of food production
  • Taste is Knowledge: taste & flavor with different cultures


The History:

The first exposition that took place was in 1851 in The Crystal Palace in London. The success of its earliest beginnings inspired humanity to showcase ambitious achievements like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was built for the 1889 exposition or the Atomium in Brussels and the Space Needle in Seattle – accomplishments that always remind us of the expositions’ legacy and importance. There is no global topic too hot that cannot be discussed and thought upon.  It is one of the most significant reasons why such a exposition exists in the first place and that vision has persisted well over a century with the same goals in mind.

The last time the exposition was held in Milan was on April 28th 1906.  Expo Milano 2015 examines human history through the lens of two aspects of food production: traditional cultural values and the use of new technologies. The aim is to show how interconnected both aspect are and provide the opportunity to embellish upon new ways both areas of value and tech can form greater food progress.


It is best recommended that you visit the website at Expo Milano 2015.  There you will find additional photos, links, information and guides if you plan on traveling to experience this years exhibition.