Travel Keeps Me Sane Throughout The Week

We all work very hard during the week and wait impatiently for Friday evening. There is a certain fascination about such a moment that is weirdly magical to me –  like when you realize exams are over: no more studying, more traveling, and lots and lots of junk food.

Yet, when that day actually comes, there is not so much excitement left. You do all the things you planned, but you feel guilty. You think that you are having too much fun, and that you need to study. So perhaps, there is more fun in the anticipation of a certain moment than actually experiencing it. Is it just me who feels this way?

I feel the same way about the weekends. Although there is a lot of anticipation for Friday to roll around, for a fun-filled weekend, I just want to relax because I’m too tired. I also have to finish those pending chores. Sundays, especially, are the busiest, and I start to feel like a kid not wanting to go to school the next day.

But what keeps me sane amid this chaos is travel.

Although I have classes to attend every day, I choose not to. That’s the good part about my course study. There is no track of the attendance (I hope my teachers don’t read this). Instead, I travel and try to explore more and more places in the city. I have always been fascinated by the distant places, but I recently realized that exploring where you live is also exciting in a different way.

While preparing for my exam last semester, I read about this phenomenon. We are so excited and engrossed in the abstract realities of far-off places that we become numb to the magic of our immediate reality. That was the day I decided to explore my city, Delhi-NCR, more.

And since then, I have never been disappointed.

Turns out, a chilled glass of lemonade and a grilled cheese sandwich at a local theater’s canteen can be more delicious than a meal at a five-star hotel. The graffiti at the local market is more beautiful than an expensive painting at an art exhibition.

So even if you are roaming and doing nothing substantial, you won’t be bored because there is something weirdly beautiful about the streets of Delhi. All I need is a camera, a metro pass full of credit, and a decent amount of money – although friendly company is always delightful.

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That’s the reason why I love weekdays instead of weekends. I have the time to explore new places, try amazing food and photograph memories. Weekends, when everyone has off, is the right time to complete your pending chores, study (which you avoided all week), spend some time with your family and catch up on some TV, as it is the only time when India has some good shows on.

This schedule works for me, and I’m sure you also have found a way to cut out some time for the things you love.