China To Hold Parade Celebrating Anniversary Of The End Of WWII

China has invited leaders of the major participants involved in World War II to attend a military parade in Beijing this year, which marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. It will also invite leaders of the countries who assisted China during the war, as the Chinese government feels that the fight against Japan is an important part of Chinese history. China’s Foreign Ministry said that it hopes to remind people of the tragedy of World War II in order to prevent a repeat of the event. The date of the parade has not yet been released.

Controversy surrounds the Chinese military parade, as the intention of the occasion is unclear. Some believe the purpose of the event is to frighten Japan, while others feel that the parade is actually in support of country, and would focus partially on the major contributions it has made to the Asian world since the end of World War II. In addition, sources have stated that the parade is intended to invoke feelings of love and peace, and to show China’s support and its ability to uphold post World War II peace. Thus, the parade is believed to have four general purposes: to display the size of China’s growing military, to show that China is in charge of keeping post-war peace, to show the troops’ morale, and to send a message to corrupt politicians.

Although, at the moment, there are no specific details, the foreign ministry spokeswoman said that China is planning a series of celebrations related to the war, stating that they are intended to ensure that another war similar to World War II does not affect China.

Historically, Japan and China have had a rocky relationship for some time, partially caused by Japan refusing to apologize for occupying China before and during the war. The proposed military parade could potentially cause further strain on the relationship, which has been deteriorating since 2012 – the same year China’s president, Xi Jinping, took office. Jinping feels that Japan needs to do more to atone for its role in World War II.

China typically holds a military parade every ten years, commemorating the anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China and 2019 would mark the 70-year anniversary of the event. However, this will be the first military parade held in China to commemorate World War II. It will also be the first time that foreign leaders are invited to attend a military parade in China. Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly invited and plans to attend the celebration. A news reporter from Hong Kong has said that the parade could have major political implications.

No matter the reason for the parade, however, China plans to have it. The exact number of leaders invited remains to be seen, and the names of all of the officials invited have not yet been released. It is expected that the parade will be held at some point in September.