Miraculous Huacachina Declared National Heritage Site

Huacachina, the miracle desert town in southwestern Peru, has officially been declared a national cultural heritage site. The National Institute of Culture, along with the many outsiders in awe over this desolate desert town, are welcomed upon visit with fully functioning hotels, educational facilities, and even well stocked shopping areas.

With less than 100 residents, Huacachina is quite the relaxing destination for vacationers that want to sightsee with family. The most impressive part about Huacachina, however, is not that it is in the middle of the desert, but that it manages to thrive with its only water supply coming from a tiny lagoon – the same lagoon that in 2013 had reached record low levels. Despite that fact, Huacachina is a true tourist hotspot, complete with all of the thrills and glory one expects while planning a vacation. The “oasis of America” certainly won’t disappoint, and may even create some really fun memories for residents and non-residents alike.

Some of the great things to do while in Huacachina include sandboarding, swimming, and even taking the well-known dune buggy rides throughout the sand filled area. And as if the surroundings aren’t pretty enough, there is a legend about the area that is sure to peak the ears of all ages.

Although there are many versions of the story, in one account, a princess was startled by a hunter while bathing in a lagoon. Scared, she fled, leaving the bath water, which eventually transformed into the lagoon. Her mantle, which streamed behind her as she ran, created the sand dunes.

The story is so precise, it’s surprising Disney hasn’t claimed the rights to it, but it’s never too late. Aside from the water shortage, Huacachina is now an ideal location for travel, located in a closed in-family friendly atmosphere. The shortage, however, does further incentivize people to find possible solutions to the problem. Recently, Huacachina started to artificially pump water, which less negatively impacts the area when compared to other private methods.

These methods may temporarily prevent the slow demise of the water supply, but with the booming tourism and the seal of approval from the National Institute of Culture, Peru and its wonderful oasis, Huacachina, have nothing but greener pastures ahead.