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The Game Developers Conference is underway for one full week in San Francisco at the Moscone Center.   There is immense interest in virtual reality gaming, security, esports and space exploration adventure games. The Game Developers Conference is the world’s largest and longest-running (27 years) industry event.  The main forum is an exchange of ideas and concepts amongst professional programmers, artists, producers, game designers and others involved in the interactive gaming industry.  What started out with a small group of people many moons ago, has since blossomed to 24,000 expected attendees at this years conference.

What’s headlining at this year’s GDC conference?

  • Virtual Reality – this is a big one for the gaming industry.  3D technology is advancing rapidly and applications are expected to come out that will set the gaming world on fire…in a good way, of course.
  • Esports – are all the rage as hype gets built around the topic of having more physical competition while gaming.  There will be talks about competitions and tournaments taking place where gamers can participate.
  • Security – there will be talks regarding proper game etiquette and culture within online communities.
  • Indie Game Developers – discussion on how independent developers can harness their ideas and skills to cross over to the mainstream market.
  • Unionize – there is talk about unionizing the gaming industry due to its astronomical growth.

There is a staggering 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development topics taught by leading industry experts. This is considered the be all, end all of gaming events and if you are passionate about games and the future of what they can be, this is an event you should not miss.  In addition, the GDC expo showcases all of the most relevant game development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward.

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The conference also features the seventeenth annual Independent Games Festival, the longest-running and largest festival relating to independent games worldwide, where original games compete for the attention of the publishing community, and the fifteenth annual Game Developers Choice Awards, the premier accolades for peer-recognition in the digital games industry.

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The GDC is produced by the UBM Tech Game Network.