Make The Most Out Of Your Stay In Arizona

Phoenix is the sixth most populous city nationwide, but it is not known for its environmental practices or for being a “green state.” However, it does sport an impressive resume towards being earth friendly. Here are some key places to visit in the area that can change your interpretation of Arizona, including the impressive acres of Agritopia and the cities of Mesa and Gilbert.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company in Gilbert serves beer brewed locally from honey, herbs, coffee, and even fruit. There is even a house-made Habanero Honey Mustard Sauce, which would rival even the best Tennessee BBQ sauce recipe. has already named this usually packed place the best new brewery in the world. To support the green culture, due to packaging issues, their beer isn’t sold in stores as of yet.

The Usury Mountain Regional Park is the only place where the Saguaro cactus grows, a minor beauty in the overall gorgeous view of the area. Although unexpected, this park offers a yoga class in its visitor’s center. It’s a homey place with a relaxing view that will make even the grouchiest exercisers forget they’re working out. For those who prefer something more active and outdoorsy, a hike does not disappoint and could possibly be one of the best tours in the state in terms of scenery.

Olive oil tasting is not a common thing, but when it’s made at the only working olive oil mill in Arizona, it is a standard practice. Queen Creek Olive Mill is a great place to have lunch, and to also collect some interesting spa products. Everything is made in-house and natural, and judging by the amount of business they do, also quite popular.

The standout of this new green movement, however, would be the appropriately named Agritopia. Agritopia is a 150-plus acre mixed-use planed community. Joe Johnston is the pioneer that started this miraculous community, all based on threats of commercial development. This gave him the courage to open up the land to other residents, while still preserving a specific way of life and culture. There is approximately 452 lots available of all types and prices, catering to all incomes. However, despite catering to all individuals, the core of the place is still intact, with a 470 student Christian school and popular old and new style houses for variation. The community is still growing, as Mr. Johnson has been planning a new development, Epicenter, since 2012.

Arizona has grown a lot from the fictional old TV shows with the tumbleweeds. Despite this growth, it is still keeping some of the greener roots that keep a state and a city sustainable in the long term. With the Joe Johnsons of the world and many hungry tourists, Arizona is not only green friendly, but is becoming a green state itself. Courtesy of Huffington Post