Sustainable Aviation is a Reality

Plane propellant made from cooking oil or algae? It’s not as far out of the spectrum as some people think, according to Green Fuels Research. The popular clean energy company already is the main contributor of green fuel for the royal family, powering their cars and trains. Located in Cheltenham, Great Britain, Green Fuels Research is relying on its patented low cost jet fuel to bring them to the next level. Of note to the Green Fuels Research resume was the fact that they made fuel for an Aston Martin, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day, with components of wine and cheese of all things! And in order to power an entire royal train, Green Fuels Research only needs to start with waste cooking oil.

Green Fuels Research is on a list of only a handful of suppliers to have a Royal Warrant. The Royal Warrant has been issued for centuries to worthy suppliers, and allows the supplier a certain prestige when doing business. Just on the strength of the advertising alone, the Royal Warrant is an often sought-after accomplishment. A recognizable symbol gets slapped on each product, giving instant credibility.

Still in the beta phase, but with progress, the jet fuel has already been used for a flight in the 2000’s. The product itself is still being tinkered with, as Green Fuels Research is now interested in creating the jet fuel from sources of biodiesel like the plant camelina, waste cooking oil, and possibly tobacco. The idea of tobacco powering a jet is mind boggling, especially for a green company. The idea that it would be used from waste tobacco, however, is incredibly wondrous and should be applauded if it becomes a reality.

Green Fuels Research Chief Technical Officer James Hygate is making sustainable aviation a reality, and even said those exact words at the CleanEquity in Monaco. Conferences like CleanEquity gather up-and-coming clean tech companies as a bridge to funders. With an already established business model in aviation, investors wanting to be part of a new thing have to be foaming at the mouth to sink their money into clean jet fuel. The transition to using bio jet fuel for planes would be seamless. The only thing that is needed is demand, and with biofuel being an instant low-cost solution, it is only a matter of time before one of the big companies makes the switch.

Green Fuels Research is already placing their eggs in the basket, readying ideas for a layout of biofuel stations. The demonstration facility that is being built on their behalf will help tremendously, although the Royal Warrant is doing most of the work, at this point. The building process is slow, but Green Fuels Research is pushing forward, creating partnerships and advertising biofuel to over 50 biodiesel producers in major markets. Where Green Fuels Research goes from here is completely up to their creativity and innovation, both of which have served them well to this point.