Great New MacBook for Travelers | Gear Review

With all the hype about the first ever Apple Watch, we may have forgotten other Apple products that are in constant reinvention.  The new Macbook is no exception…

First off, let us start by saying that the new MacBook is the perfect travel companion laptop.  It is more durable than previous MacBooks, more compact and lighter.

Let’s go over some of the ingenuity that Apple has brought to it’s new MacBook.  At stated, the Apple MacBook is the lightest laptop ever designed by the company, coming in at only 2 pounds.  The size is 12 inches, which is smack in the middle as far as the Air models go but it is still %24 thinner than the Air models.  In order to achieve such a remarkable decrease in size, Apple redesigned the entire MacBook.


Apple invented something they are calling the butterfly mechanism, which prevents the wobble factor when a key on the pad gets pressed.  This provides a more stable, smoother and accurate touch from the fingers.  It also extends the life of the keypad under constant usage.  The keys are now 40 percent thinner and 17 percent larger and each key has a tiny LED light underneath, so when you are typing in the dark it gives off a soft illumination to help you know which keys you are actually pressing down on.


The trackpad also was redesigned with Force Touch and Taptic technology, first introduced by Apple in the Watch.  This removes the diving board concept and instead gives a four point

Apple ditched almost all connectors on the outside, replacing them with USB-C connectors that can be used to accommodate USB, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA inputs.


Apple carefully crafted a new way of looking at the screen by reducing its energy consumption and giving stronger illumination.  This is the thinnest display panel on the Mac.

Internally, Apple has also redesigned the logic board to pack more components — such as the 1.3GHz Intel Core M — in less space. With a %67 smaller logic board, Apple had much more space and used %35 more battery power that fit the contours of MacBooks enclosure for all day battery life.  The Apple team was also able to remove the fan necessity in its latest design.

The MacBook will start at $1,299 and comes in silver, space gray or gold, with shipments beginning April 10.