Sophia – The Smart Skipping Rope | Gear Review

Jumping rope just got a whole lot more enticing.  As if it weren’t sometimes hard just to walk around, you can now jump in the air with just as much difficulty with a smart rope and discover just how out of shape you really are…sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Of course, we are only being light-hearted about this new smart tech device.  It’s actually quite terrific and useful to help you stay in shape and keep you healthy, which is why you should pay further attention to this article and what the people who developed Sophie Smart Skipping Rope have actually done for your benefit.

Inspired from a drawing by Adam Buck entitled ‘Sophia Western‘ – the Sophie Smart Skipping Rope does everything for you but jump on its own.  Smart data meets fitness for this product that lets you track calories & sync your exercise via Bluetooth.  A great way to stay in shape that you can use for training for yourself to handle those difficult physical challenges for sports and long distance adventures like hiking.

According to Sophia we spend %60 of our day sitting down, decreasing the longevity of our life.  Jumping rope strengthens your upper and lower body and gets your heart pumping better over time, with consistent exercise.

Sophia – The Smart Skipping Rope is so smart that even Einstein would have used it.  Maybe.  But seriously, this is a device that has true smart technology built in.  It has a terrific activity tracker integrated within a portable skipping rope.

Here are some of the specifications that Sophia shares with us from their already fully funded Kickstarter Campaign:

  • Smart tracking: measure your jumps, speed and calories so you can have a workout that is truly customized to you.
  • Compact design: the magnetic leather grip keep the handles together when not in use, so you can keep Sophia in your bag.
  • Companion app: track your goals and achievements via the Bluetooth iPhone and Android app.
  • Challenge your friends: invite your friends to compete with you in the same room or remotely, and buddy up to collaboratively improve your health.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.31.46 PM_zpssghijfxg.png

Jumping rope has always been a great way to get the blood pumping through your veins, increasing oxygen to your lungs and giving your body an overall wake up call that over time, with diligent usage, will strengthen your body and make you healthier.

Check out the Sophia Rope and take full advantage of the smart analytical data created by this wonderful company.