3 Essential Outdoor Devices in 1

The FOGO was built to help people get out of their mundane routines.  A device that can handle all outdoor activities, combing the three essential outdoor devices, GPS, walkie-talkie and flashlight in a water proof pocket size package.

Here’s a list of some of the cool features you get from the FOGO:

  • The GPS helps you navigate unknown terrain, detects your speed and
  • Intuitive Light Settings that blinks to alert you when you unknowingly stray from your path.
  • Text Message your fellow FOGO user.
  • Simply speak through the walkie-talkie system built in.
  • USB Device Charger so you can charge your smart phone if necessary and Custom Smart Caps which expand its capabilities.
  • Adaptive Light Settings automatically adjusts the brightness based on where it’s pointed, low beam for the ground in front of you and high beam for distant objects.
  • Performance Tracking tracks your heart, distance, elevation, speed, ascent or descent and more.
  • Crash Detection if you crash on your bike or fall and get hurt on a run; sends a crash signal alert so you can get help.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.18.48 PM_zpswujwxspj.png


The FOGO is completely app driven.

  • Flashlight App – permits you to control the light levels to low, med, high, and strobe.
  • Track App – The tracking app lets you track your performance using GPS and data from any incoming bluetooth sensors and your heart rate heart rate.
  • Messenger App – The messaging app uses the digital radio to send voice/text messages to Fogo users in your vicinity.
  • Maps App – The maps app allows you to explore points of interest, trails, and generally see where you are.
  • Fuelgauge App – You can keep close tabs on your battery life with the Fuelgauge App.

When we first heard about the FOGO Smart Flashlight, we weren’t necessarily sure it would live up to the concept.  Upon further inspection and learning more about all the detail and information that went into this gear product, it is obvious that it truly is a powerful tool capable of so much.  It definitely packs a punch in the right direction and we hope in time the developers keep pushing the boundaries.

Help get the FOGO out on the trail by visiting its Kickstarter Campaign Page.