Glovys: Touchscreen-Use Gloves

Glovys is the world’s first removable touchscreen that instantly turns your smartphone into an all-glove, glove-friendly device.  Remember when touchscreen-compatible gloves were the brilliant solution to our wintery texting needs? Have you ever considered how well the reverse of that idea would work? Oskar Marko Musić of Glovys has. His innovative, new product makes it so we don’t have to compromise on our winter gloves.

Happily welcome touchscreen-use gloves and we’ll be able to use all of our favorite gloves now without having to choose the utilitarian texting pair over our prettier or warmer ones. Heavy merino wool or leather, or any pair of gloves you prefer to your function-over-form texting gloves—you can even toss those, actually—you’ll never have to choose again.

“Keep your gloves on,” is their very fitting motto. In their video, they feature a man walking around, decked-out in winter gear, having to remove one glove with his mouth just to use his phone. Who hasn’t experienced that nuisance on many a winter’s chill?  Glovys sounds like something that a lot of frosty climate dwellers could appreciate in their day-to-day lives.

From Ljubljana, Slovenia, Oskar Marko Musić has created an innovative, removable touchscreen that apparently came to be from something of a happy accident.

He originally founded a company called Retra Underwater Technology that creates underwater accessories for photographers. Upon testing out a first prototype of underwater touchscreen technology, he discovered that the product also happens to work swimmingly with gloves. The technology behind it two metaled films with laser etched transparent circuits. Both the top and bottom films are separated by a very thin gap. Pressing the two circuits together creates a discharge that activates the screen below it.

It easily installs in seconds with silicone sticky pads that are washable and reusable. In case you were wondering, Glovys works with your bare fingers as well. It comes only in light blue (for now) and is estimated to retail for $35.

To support Glovys’ campaign and be able to be one of the firsts to “keep your gloves on” in time for next winter, visit their page, Glovy’s Kickstarter Campaign.

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