London & Mexico’s Geodesic Dome Exhibit

One way that nations across the world have at their disposal to foster both a better understanding of each other’s culture and to strengthen goodwill is through the exchange of artistic works. The most recent collaboration is now underway in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom and Mexico have joined efforts in a year long exhibition that will take place in both countries, whereas “Year Of The United Kingdom in Mexico” will be hosted by Mexico and the UK will host “Year Of Mexico In The United Kingdom.” Festivities for the latter exhibition began in preparation on Thursday with the opening of a new attraction in close proximity to the Tower Bridge. The attraction is an immense geodesic dome that is nestled within Potters’ Field Park. The dome stands in at 82 feet in height and covers an area of close to 1,700 square feet. The dome’s interior is an enthralling look at Mexico and its culture. You can get an inside look thanks to a video below(please note that it is in Spanish):

The Mexican Pavilion Dome is a centerpiece of the exhibition, which opens later today with an art installation by Carlos Amorales at the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in the Margate district. This will be the first event of the exhibition series that will feature Mexican musicians and artists from varied disciplines, as well as panel discussions on the country’s growth on a political and socioeconomic level. Subsequently, visitors to the dome will get to experience Mexico through an interactive projection tour of the country’s 32 states, thanks to the Mexico Tourism Board. The board enlisted the services of the Polish company Freedomes, who specialize in the building of these structures for various events across the world hosted by a distinguished client base that includes Honda, the UEFA Champions League and Coca-Cola. For the projection tour, they worked with a team from LM Productions, who were able to crisply capture the nations’ bustling cities and alluring natural landscapes and heritage sites. Those visiting also get to see artistic pieces that speak to the vibrant traditions of Mexico that date back to their Mayan roots fused with modern items. This looks to be a promising destination for anyone in the United Kingdom and those who happen to be visiting.