Old World Austria in America

There is an amazing, unique year-round resort in a tiny town in the exquisite and expansive mountain region of Vermont. What am I talking about? The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.

The History of the Trapp Family Lodge

Who hasn’t seen the movie, The Sound of Music? Did you know that the story line of that movie was based (though not totally accurately) on a real life family? According to one of the children, Maria (Louisa in the movie), there were seven children in the family of Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp and Agathe Whitehead von Trapp (Georg’s first wife). Agathe contracted scarlet fever from the children and died in 1922. The Maria, who became Georg’s second wife (as portrayed by Julie Andrews in the movie) was not actually a governess to all of the von Trapp children, but was a tutor for Maria during her recuperation from scarlet fever. Georg and Maria Augusta Kutschera were married in 1927.

After the family refused to conform to Nazism and left Austria, they began to concertize as the Von Trapp Singers and, in 1943, they moved to Stowe, Vermont. Stowe reminded them of their homeland, Austria.

Trapp Family Lodge Is More Than a Luxury Resort

Today, the Trapp Family Lodge is a mountain resort that features Austrian-inspired architecture and European-style accommodations. According to their website, and my own experience, what makes this resort so unique is their family emphasis on old world comforts and impeccable service. The Lodge is still run by von Trapp family members, but it is more than just a luxury resort. The family is also in the brewery business and the Vermont maple sugar business. Both the brewery and the sugarhouse are right on the property of the Trapp Family Lodge. One can tour both places, and of course also buy products right at the Lodge.

In addition to the Main Lodge, the von Trapps have Villa and Guest House rentals. The Villas can also be bought as vacation homes, and the Guest Houses can be rented as Time Shares. Everything is top quality all the way.

Year-Round Resort Activities at Trapp Family Lodge

The wide range of year-round activities offered at this resort is impressive to say the least. Here is a partial list:


  • Cross Country Skiing (the first and best in the country)
  • Snowshoeing
  • Backcountry Skiing


  • Maple Sugaring
  • Mountain Biking (not just in Spring)
  • Disc Golf (not just in Spring)
  • Tennis (not just in Spring)


  • Swimming (in 2 heated outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool and in Stowe natural waterfall pools)
  • Summer Trail Hikes and Runs
  • Concerts in Their Meadows


  • Foliage
  • Wine Tasting

All Year:

  • Horse Drawn Sleigh and Carriage Rides
  • History Tours
  • Bird Watching
  • Yoga
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Massage
  • Fitness

Oh, yes, and the food is outstanding. There’s a Main Dining Room at the Lodge, which serves gourmet dishes, The Lounge for lighter, more casual dining and a Deli-Bakery and Slayton Pasture Cabin which offers soups and sandwiches and hot chocolate.

If you have a pet dog, they are welcome at the Lodge. How’s that for family comfort?

At the Trapp Family Lodge, the adventures are endless, and all with an old world family charm that’s almost non-existent today. For a touch of gracious living, the Trapp Family Lodge can’t be beat!