Goodbye Traffic, Hello Jetsons

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AeroMobil is a flying car company that has been in the works for about 5 years strong and is currently on their 3rd working prototype.  The goal is to take their car from prototype to reality by 2017.  It won’t be easy to get approval from the FAA as well as additional government regulations (different countries), finances to keep the company running as well as making the ability to fly cars mainstream in the mind of the public.  The idea has always been a cool one for those of us who have had the concept of flying cars cross our minds and watching movies such as Back to the Future or Star Wars or popular cartoon show, The Jetsons.  But fantasy and reality are two different things and their are realistic hurdles that AeroMobil will need to jump in order to make their powerful ideas come to life.

Have a look at this most inspiring video:  AreoMobil 3.0 – Official Video

The company is going a similar route with their business strategy in comparison to Tesla.  Tesla went after high end consumer costing vehicles when and slowly worked their numbers lower gradually over time.  Eventually, this increased consumer consumption of their cars.  AeroMobil appears to be taking a similar strategy at the present, with plans to go high end and over time lower the cost factor for more consumer purchases.

The company was co-founded by two men, Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein from Czechoslovakia. “We believe personal transportation is about to change forever,” Mr. Vaculik stated in a press conference.

The AeroMobil can carry two people and operates on gas available at regular gas stations. It needs about 650 feet in order to take off, and only 164 feet to actually land. It can fly as fast as 124 miles per hour.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the addition of flying cars will play out in our society.  Flying cars will eventually happen but it won’t be an easy road for companies like AeroMobil to get them off the ground.  It’s a curious thing when it comes to seeing flying cars overhead as well as airplanes and helicopters and the continuation of road cars.  One wonders how safety and traffic are going to be managed.  It’s a great innovation but government policies must be just as innovative if flying cars are going to advance us and protect us, making it beneficial to the quality of our lives.