Design Your Own Moto 360 Smart Watch

If you like Moto watches, then you will be happy to know that now there is a special Moto Maker that lets buyers design and order their very own personalized Moto 360. This order includes letting the buyers chose the color of the watch body, along with material, size, watch face, and there are many options to choose from to make it special.

This is not the first time Motorola has offered customers the chance to personalize one of their watches, as the Moto Maker website here, lets clients personalize the first Moto X watch the company sold.

Now, the website is expanded so buyers can do the same with the Moto 360 watch. Originally, it was only made in black and grey, but now bands can be bought separately and includes other options, but it is best if they are professionally installed at a jeweler. People can choose from those colors, as well as champagne gold to finish it off if they pay $30 extra. If they want a fully metal band, it costs $50 extra. This makes nine choices for the watch’s band in all, counting colors and the possibility of metal or other material. The basic cost of the Moto 360 smart watch is about $249.

The Moto 360 is a lightweight watch at 1.7 ounces and is 11.5-mm thick. It has a 1.65-inch display with a tiny bezel so it can be read easier without the face being blocked. The watch’s screen has a 320×290 resolution and it runs on an Android operating system. It lets users read email, do basic searches in Google, get GPS directions, and has two microphones so that users can use a voice recognition system to give it a command.

Customers can also pick the watch’s face, which can be customized to include things like choosing the color, size of the tick marks, as well as changing the image in the watch face background. One nice thing about the customization is that during the process, the customer can see what their watch would look like in a live preview.

Motorola says that it is possible more custom options will be available in the future. The Moto 360 Smart Watch can be purchased in France, Germany, Mexico and the US.

According to Motorola sources, the Moto 360 is already a popular style of smart watch and this new Moto Maker option should increase that popularity as people have fun creating their own look, feel and style to match their personality.

The big news is that Motorola has added the Moto 360 Smart Watch to its online Moto Maker website so that customers can customize their Moto 360 by choosing from a selection of colors, materials, watch faces, and more. Find out more about this new option at the website.