Sunglasses Change Into Sealed Goggles Instantly

Now you don’t have to decide betweens sunglasses or goggles whenever you head to the beach or participate in any other outdoor activity. With Sealz, all you have to do is press a button to switch from sunglasses to sealed goggles and vice-versa without ever having to remove your eye gear.

Sealz Rapid Transition Glasses is multi-functional, and can be used by outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those who work in construction, the military or emergency service industries. Although they can also be worn as a pair of ordinary glasses, an effective, yet comfortable air-tight/water-tight, silicone seal can be activated when needed with the buttons, located on each side of the glasses. It protects your eyes from UV rays, as well as other elements such as wind, dust or snow; you can even go for a swim and see underwater.

Once you are done with the sealed goggle function, users can simply pull the lens part forward to break the seal and start wearing them as regular sunglasses again. Sealz sunglasses also boast other useful features, including polycarbonate lenses that resist impact (these lenses are 10x less likely than plastic or glass lenses to break and that they are also lightweight), total UVA/UVB protection, lens polarization to reduce glare, and hydrophobic coating to reduce water spots.

Sealz, the company, is currently looking for funding to bring its concept to life. Its Kickstarter Campaign has already reached close to $10,000 in support, with a little under a month left to go. At the moment, the company is also promoting a special price of around $59 for the sunglasses. After some time, which is yet to be decided, the price will go up to about $70. However, keep in mind, that 1% of all the money gained from these sealed goggles will be donated to the charity called Soldier On, an Australian charity that “supports returning soldiers who are physically or psychologically wounded, working to enhance their recovery and rehabilitate them into the community.”