World Cities For Monopoly On 80th Birthday

Everyone’s favorite board game celebrated Monopoly’s 80th birthday, March 19, with owner’s Hasbo announcing a “Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition” to be released September 2015.

The new Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition was actually designed by way of people’s choice. Fans of this good, old American classic were able to vote for the cities to make it in via online survey. Originating in 1935, Monopoly has since become a icon of household shelving.

The cities with the most votes would receive the most expensive spaces of the 20. Hasbro revealed that there were nearly 4 million votes across 182 countries.

The dark blue spaces classically known for hosting Boardwalk/Park Place will be Lima and Hong Kong. Where does that leave countries outside of Peru and China? Divided by borders and differences of pride points.

New Yorkers may feel disheartened at the results of seeing their city placed near to Sydney and Amsterdam at the low-end magenta spaces. Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore is “sure the Sydney spot in this global edition of Monopoly will be hot property” nonetheless.

It has to feel good making it into the top 20 at all. Impressively, Latvia’s Riga made it to a green space. London is in an orange space near Tokyo and Moscow. The cities that did make it announced this to their citizen’s thanking them and excited about the recognition this will bring them .Hasbro revealed that there were nearly 4 million votes across 182 countries.

The full decided list recently released appears here:

  • Dark Blue: Lima, Peru; Hong Kong, China
  • Green: Riga, Latvia; Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul, Turkey
  • Yellow: Warsaw, Poland; Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile
  • Red: Belfast, Northern Ireland; Athens, Greece; Belgrade, Serbia
  • Orange: London, England; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan
  • Magenta: New York, NY, U.S.A; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sydney, Australia
  • Light Blue: Queenstown, New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; Taipei, Taiwan
  • Brown: Giethoorn, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain

Have you ever heard of Giethoorn? If you were wondering about Giethoorn, that particular brown space was left up to a wildcard week where people could vote for any city large or small despite its popularity.

World Cities For Monopoly On 80th Birthday - Clapway

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